Carrot Milk and Honey Shampoo Bar – 5.6 oz


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Goat milk and organic carrot juice, carrot oil and raw honey are packed into this nutritious all natural shampoo bar to help strengthen and moisturize dry or damaged hair.  For women and men.

All-natural, USDA certified organic ingredients used (Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve is a USDA certified organic company).  No GMOs, no synthetics, no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Recipe designed in house at Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve and hand blended in small batches.

Product and packaging are plastic free.

100% Plant based / Vegan

These eco friendly shampoo bars have the potential to become fully sustainable, zero waste alternatives to traditional shampoos that come in plastic packaging.

More Details

Beta carotene in the carrot juice and oil drenches thirsty hair with vitamin A to help rejuvenate hair shafts.

Carrot root oil conditions the hair and helps balance the moisture.

Honey helps to moisturize and revitalize hair.

Goat milk penetrates the hair shaft, replenishes moisture, nourishes the scalp, and adds luster and body to hair.

Carrot seed essential oil penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and moisturize dry, damaged hair.

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