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Each product is graded on 8 different sustainability measures that span the product’s lifecycle. Only one point per measure can be earned, with 8 being the highest score a product can receive. In order to earn a point within a measure, the product must meet clearly defined criteria (listed below). If NA is listed, this means the information is currently not available, or the product has yet to earn a point for any of the measures (we have yet to devise a method to score bundled products so they too will display NA). Even a score of 1 is very good, and uncommon for the vast majority of all products that currently exist on the market.

Carbon Footprint Offset

Sourcing Raw Materials


Composition Of Products

Product Packaging

Effective Recycling Program

Shipping Materials Used

End of Product Life Disposal


Alongside sustainable qualities, product quality is also highly valued and equally as important to Company Eco’s standards. Each product on the website is required to maintain an average customer rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars. If a product does not meet this requirement, it is removed from our website regardless of its environmental qualities. This requirement has the potential to make reviews regarding the quality of a product a less significant or even secondary consideration, and it creates an opportunity to redirect the customer's focus to a different type of product rating, a sustainability rating©.

When it comes to comparing two similar products from different companies, there are often similarities between pricing, quality, customer reviews etc. When faced with these decisions, Company Eco’s Sustainability Rating© is designed to be the deciding factor - allowing consumers to compare the environmental qualities of each product with full transparency.

Company Eco envisions consumer purchasing choices being shaped by the Sustainability Rating© with hopes that this will place pressure on organizations to adopt sustainability initiatives in order to remain competitive. This concept, once scaled, has the potential to rapidly advance sustainable consumption and production or SDG #12.

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