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Empowering all of humankind to live fully, in balance with the natural world.

To empower in this context means “to make it possible for”.  All of humankind reflects our organization’s aspirations to make sustainable goods easily accessible and affordable for consumers all over the world.  We believe we can achieve this ambitious vision through our commitment to ethical practices like salary caps and capped returns, amongst other mission-centric strategies.  

To live fully is meant to encompass the comforts and conveniences the majority of us in developed nations currently have access to, i.e., electricity, transportation and consumer goods that enhance quality of life. We foresee and very much desire a world where these comforts will extend beyond the borders of developed nations reaching all corners of the globe.   If, however, this is not pursued with sustainability at the forefront, it will add to the already excessive demands humankind is placing on the natural world.  

Our long-term vision is to stabilize social and environmental challenges that stem from current global production and consumption behaviors, to restore degraded ecosystems through reinvesting profits into the natural world, and to create a more stable biosphere that can support the human population long into the future.

Founders – Cara and Jessy 

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